Honey bee venom, is a bitter colorless liquid containing proteins mainly found in the venom sac of a honey bee(1).

Other Names

It can be refered to as apis mellifera, apitoxin, apis venenum, apitoxine, bee sting venom and many others


The venom is extractable using specialized electric machine which shock the bees and in turn release the venom. This is a sustainable method since the bees leave the machine with their stings hence they survive.


It used to heal a myriad of diseases classified below(2), In Most cases, however, bee venom may be combined with other types of medications or remedies that work in line with it. However, bee venom has been proven to be effective on its own:-

Allergies •Bee Stings
Cardiovascular Diseases •Acute rheumatic fever •Arthritis obliterans •Arrhythmias •Arteriosclerosis •Hypotension •Peripheral ischemia degenerative syndrome •Reynaud’s disease •Coronary heart diseases •Atherosclerotic arthritis of the inferior limbs •High blood pressure (Hypertension)
Endocrine System Diseases •Hyperthyroidism •Cortisol secretion dysfunction •Hypoglycemia •Menstrual cramps •Irregular menstrual periods •Premenstrual syndrome
Rheumatological Diseases •Rheumatoid •Gout •Osteoarthritis •Psoriatic •Tendonitis •Bursitis •Scars •Fibromyalgia •Dupuytren’s Contracture
Pulmonary Diseases •Emphysema •Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary •Asthma
Neurological Diseases •Cerebral Thrombosis •Chronic Pain Syndrome •Dupuytren’s contractors •Lumbago neuralgia •Zona-zoster •Bell’s palsy •Multiple Sclerosis •Post-herpetic neuralgia
•Neuritis, sciatica •Guillain-barre syndrome •Neuralgias •Carpal tunnel syndrome •Diabetic neuropathy
Skin Diseases •Degranulated wounds •Bruises or the blue skin contusion •Hair loss •Low sensitivity •High sensitivity •Lupus erythematosus •Moles •Melanoma •Mycosis fungoides •Psoriasis •Eczema •tropical ulcers •scars •skin tumors and vascular skin tumors
Immunological Diseases •AIDS •Endarteritis obliterans •B-cell enhancement •Lupus erythematosus •Scleroderma •T-Cell suppression •Systemactic lupus erythematosus
Infections •Viral meningitis •Shingles •Warts •Mononucleosis •Chronic fatigue syndrome •Epstein-Barr disease •AIDS
10 Psychological Diseases •Anxiety •Depression •Substance abuse


When on bee venom(4),
a) Intake of white meat of fish
b) Intake 8-10 glasses of clean water. Water eliminates toxins
c) Whole foods such as grains, cereals, seeds and nuts
d) Dried foods, Fruits and vegetables


a) For pregnant and lactating mothers
b) Children under age of 7 years
c) Insulin dependent diabetics
d) Using right before or right after a meal.
e) Red meats such as cow, goat
f) White meats of pig & rabbit
g) Milk, Tea & Coffee

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