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Ask us about Natural honey, Langstroth & KTBH Beehives, Stingless Bees, Bee suites, suppliers of hotel honey, bee wax, pure natural wax, wax sheet, wax for cosmetics, wax body cream, Propolis, bee pollen, bee venom, and royal jelly. We are the country’s leading suppliers of beehives, bee stands, beekeeping equipment, Hive tools, Bee smokers, Bee suits & Queen excluders. Our Beehives include but are not limited to Kenya Top Bar Hives (KTBH), Langstroth Bee Hives but also Log Hives. Our honey includes, but is not limited to; Acacia honey, Forest honey, croton honey, Savannah honey, Multifloral honey & Monofloral honey. We also offer Apitherapy, Apiary, and Bee evacuation services.

Engineer Stephen Kiboyo

Stephen Kimani Kaboyo

Stephen Kimani Kaboyo, the Founder of Bellafam Africa Limited in July 2015, is a trained Civil & Structural Engineer, Moi University, graduating Class of 2010 (2nd Class Upper (Hons)), and after practicing the same with 2 engineering companies in Kenya, quit the engineering practice and joined the Bee world by first attending a local National Bee Training Institute, Lenana, in 2018, then furthered the training in Poland & Romania (2022), specializing in Apitherapy, a new science of using bee products in various forms for human and animal complimentary medicines.


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