Why Bellafam Africa Beekeeping & Bee Products are the best

We ensure best quality products by following industry's best practice in the production and distribution of our products.


Bees are our most important asset. We keep and maintain apiaries in Muranga, an area with adequate nectar-full flowering plants.


Our processing facilities meet international standards to ensure hygiene, purity and value addition for our products.


Happy and satisfied customers is our main objectiveness. We ensure satisfaction by offering quality products and timely deliveries.

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We ensure timely deliveries of our products to the market and our customers under the best conditions and conviniently

About Us

Asks us about Natural honey, Langstroth & KTBH Beehives, Stingless Bees, Bee suites, suppliers of hotel honey, beewax, pure natural wax, wax sheet, wax for cosmetics, wax body cream, Propolis, bee pollen, bee venom, and royal jelly. We are the country’s leading suppliers of beehives, bee stands, beekeeping equipment, Hive tools, Bee smoker, Bee suits & Queen excluder. Our Beehives include but not limited to Kenya Top Bar Hives (KTBH), Langstroth Bee Hives but also Log Hives. Our honey includes, but not limited to; Acacia honey, Forest honey, croton honey, Savannah honey, Multifloral honey & Monofloral honey. We also offer Apitherapy, Apiary and Bee evacuation services


Our top of the range products include the following:

Natural Bee Honey

Helps in Clearing Persistent Coughs, Immunity Boosting, Sweetening, Improving Skin Conditions, Healing of Skin injuries, Overcomes Insomnia, Improving Eye sight

Bee Wax

Pure Natural Bees wax has a wide range of applications ranging from candle making for home use, industrial uses, medical and pharmaceutical utility. Its yellow in colour and melts at 63 degrees Celsius.

Bee Venom

The best natural antidote for High blood Pressure, Arthritis, Blood Clots, Tumors, Growths, Fibroid, Skin Conditions, Asthma, Increases CD 4 Count, Nerves Disorders. Its natures best gift to mankind.

Natural Bee Propollis

A natural anti-bacterial remedy from the bee hives. Anciently used for mummification of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Highly effective for Ulcers, Hemorrhoids, Immunity Boosting, Regulation of Monthly periods, Skin improvement, gastritis, Fungal skin infections


Langstrothe & Kenya Top Bar Hives (KTBH)

Beehives made out of Cypress & Pine timber serve as a permanent home for Bees. They have no scent that repels bees from living inside. They are cool and habitable by the young broods.
Langstrothe Type – It Yields at 12-15Kg Per Harvest
KTBH Types – It yields at 9-12Kg per Harvest

Bee Wax Body Lotion

Natural Bees Wax Lotion Prevents your skin against any extreme weather conditions by keeping it wholly smooth and glowing. Keeps wrinkles away, Forever 21 years

Our Clients

Over the years, Bellafam has satisfied the following clients with our top quality Products
ketepa logo

Ketepa Tea House

Moi Avenue, Nairobi CBD

Pure Natural Honey - Hotel Package

SandalWood Hotel & Resort

SandalWood Hotel & Resort

Kitengela, Kajiado County

Pure Natural Honey - Hotel Package

Pearl View Restaurant

PearView Restuarant

Signature Mall, Machakos County

Pure Natural Honey - Hotel Package

Homeland Lounge

HomeLand Hotel & Lounge

Thika Road, Nairobi County

Pure Natural Honey - Hotel Package


ICRC Kenya

Langstrothe Beehives, Beesuites, Catcher Boxes

Beekeeping Equipments

Funcity Gardens Hotel

Funcity Gardens Hotel

Utawala - Eastern Bypass

Pure Natural Honey - Hotel Package


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